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I support parents towards their own goals for peace, confidence or recovery. You may not know what your goals are right now but discovering them is usually the first part of the process. It is enough for now to recognise that you want to think, feel or respond differently as a parent.

Birth Doula Support

I can accompany you through labour, birth and the first postpartum hours after by providing comfort, encouragement and confidence in the birth process. As your doula I would provide antenatal education (usually 6-8 hours in 2/3 sessions), practical, emotional and physical support during labour and birth. I can also advocate for your birth preferences, support partners to feel calm and confident, and help you to feel comfortable after birth and experience a ‘golden hour‘ with your baby.

My training and experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist means that I can also support you to feel better about any perinatal traumas that might be re-triggered during this pregnancy. I am also able to help with many common problems such as phobias (emetophobia and needle phobias being very common), coping with and easing hyperemesis, perinatal anxiety and hypnobirthing as a method of birth preparation.

My Basic Doula package is £2000 and includes 6-8 hours antenatal preparation and education (can include hypnobirthing), access to my extensive library of books & evidence based articles, I am on call from 38 weeks until your labour starts and will be with you throughout your labour and birth for as long as you need me, 1 x postnatal follow up, continual support over the phone throughout your pregnancy.

TBR 3 Step Rewind for perinatal trauma

This is usually a 3 part therapy, delivered over 3 sessions.

Each step allows clients to safely revisit their trauma (should they choose to).

Clients can recognise how what happened in the past is still impacting on them now and begin to understand what their hopes for the future are.

Finally, I support clients to safely release old trauma patterns to experience their future hopes.

Learning the anxiety toolkit for perinatal health & wellbeing

This service usually happens over 6 sessions and shares some tried and tested practices and exercises that allow clients to first manage, then master anxiety. The aim of this therapy is not to eliminate anxiety but to use our recognition and knowledge of it to improve the relationship that we have with ourselves which ultimately has a halo effect on all our relationships and enjoyment of life overall.

Therapy for physical birth injury

Sustaining a physical birth injury can be challenging to parent’s mental health as well as physical health. When something is wrong with our physical self we will also feel the impact of that mentally and emotionally too. Parents have reported feeling stressed and unsupported when seeking the right diagnosis and accessing appropriate treatment. It is understandable that injured parents feel anxious about what impact their injury will have on their future health. Parents often experience a loss of confidence and self esteem and feeling hopeless about their prospect for recovery. 

By understanding client’s unique goals for therapy I can help in a number of ways either by supporting self advocacy for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Some clients wish to focus on rebuilding confidence and self esteem. Other wish to positively re-engage with the body to support recovery. By managing the anxiety that can hinder recovery clients can even manage fears when it comes to intimacy and future pregnancy and childbirth.


Support after baby loss

The death of a baby is a devastating and isolating experience for parents. Everybody grieves differently and different people will want different support at different points in their journey. I can provide a safe space for you to express your grief and support you with any anxiety or trauma symptoms that might result long term from your experience. I can also support parents rainbow pregnancies when anxiety is naturally re-triggered.

Support during difficult IVF or fertility journey

Difficult fertility and IVF experiences frequently involve loss, grief, anxiety and loneliness. They can put partnerships under enormous stress and pressure and the cultural taboo around these issues can make them very isolating experiences too. I can support clients to manage anxiety, cope with grief, support optimum fertility with mind body techniques, resolve past trauma and navigate the emotional minefield that becoming pregnant can be.


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